'Mayday Mayday'

A plane has crash landed at Bermuda Falls! Air traffic control have no response from the pilot...


The Lost World

Bermuda Falls, the place lost in time that only the brave will attempt to explore. Will they succeed in finding it's hidden secrets?


It's Green!

All holes are starting to receive there playing surface. Green's never looked so good


Pond viewing area

There is no pond without a viewing platform! After winning against your friends, celebrate by throwing your winnings (Koi food, not real money... sorry) into the pond!


Taking Shape

As the completion date fast approaches, the team are hard at work getting paint brushes to scenery and props


It's a log!

Hole 16, we promised it will be unique... any clues?


One last underlay

The last layers are now going down as the greens are fast approaching completion!

Button label


Pump House

With water almost everywhere you look, your going to need to house all those pumps somewhere!


Something Special

The team are hard at work creating something unique for Bermuda Falls


Lighting up the darkness

Bermuda Falls, at night! Bollard lighting is now starting to be installed around the course and it brings a whole new perspective. Are you ready for some golfing at night?


Pond decking

Decking has now arrived and the feature pond is now starting to receive it's feeding post and main decking. exciting!


New Year, New Rail

Welcome 2024, the year we have been waiting for. The team have returned and we have had some rails installed in one of the waterways... what could it be?


Christmas Break

As the holiday season approaches, the team have paused construction and will return in the new year!


Temple Finsihed

One of the main features of Bermuda Falls is our 5 Meter high interactive Temple! Now fully complete with hidden easter eggs to find



The submarine is now ready to be plumbed in and pumps connected. This will feed water to one of our many waterways on Bermuda Falls


Bridge or Raft?

The choice is yours, take the bridge across or ride in the raft to cross the waterway... all will be revealed soon!


It's a plane!

While flying in the sky's above, this plane has inadvertently landed at Bermuda Falls! But where has it's nose and wings gone?


The Hut

In here lies a special human, ready to hand out your clubs and favourite colour ball. Are you ready to play?


Taking Shape

The layout of Bermuda Falls is starting to take shape. Playable holes are now recieving edge work and soil is going down for planting of shrubs


Waterway Bridge

The walkway bridge has now been installed over one of the waterways. This stream will be powered by the submarine!


Lots of Rocks

Starting there life as used car tires, the team have given them a new lease of life and have hand carved them into these rocks which feature all over the course.


Theming Continues

With the waterway layout almost complete and the holes taking shape, it's now time for the team to start with theming. Wooden poles surrounding the waterway are now being installed.


What is it?

♫ We all live in a yellow ... ♫


Waterway Edging

With one of the waterways now nearing completion, the first posts are now going in and the edging is starting to take shape


The Cave

Beautifully hand carved by the team's designer, this will be a special building on Bermuda Falls.


The Cave

Beautifully hand carved by the team's designer, this will be a special building on Bermuda Falls.


It's a plane!

An aircraft which was once flying in the skies above has unfortunately lost it's airworthiness. But we thought we'd give it a new lease of life


Concrete Pour Complete

From the rooftop balcony on Koi Café, the new waterway and Koi pond is starting to look a lot more real!


A Special House

Work begins on a new structure, can you guess what it's going to become?


Once Tires, Now Rocks

Who would have though car tires could have another use...


Aztec Theming

Bermuda Falls will be themed around Aztec. The team's designer has been busy hand crving these symbols into a feature. Do you know what these symbols represent?


Concrete Pour

The big day has arrived, multiple concrete trucks on site, the big pour begins!


Concrete Pour

The big day has arrived, multiple concrete trucks on site, the big pour begins!

Concrete Pour - Drone Footage


Totem Pole

Totem Poles tell different stories, Ours welcome new people (you) into our very special course!


Hand Carved

The designers for Bermuda Falls have arrived and started hand carving props and features for the course. Everything from rocks, buildings and more. Everything will be hand crafted!


New Koi Pond

Work has begun installing the new bottom drains and pipework in our new Koi pond. The concrete pour is only a week away!


The Cave and Waterway

Well that was quick! The team have got to work constructing the new cave and waterway. The waterway will be a big feature on Bermuda Falls!


Level Ground

The ground to the rear of the site is starting to be levelled. This area will play host to a special prop and a waterway!


First Theming Begins

With playable holes now starting to take shape, the team are starting to construct props and structures.


New Koi Pond

We couldn't build a new course without a Koi pond can we? This will be home to lots of new Koi with a viewable platform and heated all year long!


The Cave

the coolest prop on Bermuda Falls is now being constructed! This cave will have running water, a playable hole and lots more!


It's a Hole... Kinda

The first layers are now being put down to reveal the layout of playable holes and features soon to be revealed

Bermuda Falls Breaks Ground - Drone Footage


It's Gone!

Towards the rear of the site, our old chicken coups and external cages have been taken down and flattened ready for the ground to be levelled


Bermuda Falls Breaks Ground

The back of the site which will be home to future water features and props is now receiving it's first hardcore delivery!


Bermuda Falls Breaks Ground

It begins! Bermuda Falls breaks ground and building work officially starts. First task is to fill in the existing Koi pond ready for something very special